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During 35 years of travel and living abroad Michel has visited over 120 countries, some 220 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 100 of the World Heritage Cities.

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Travel Photography
by Michel Guntern

Michel's pictures have been published in travel magazines, guide books and syndicated around the world through established picture agencies.

Fair Trade Images
Travel Photographs for Editorial Use.

Large Travel Photos can instantly transform your home or office into a spectacular location.

Art lovers and travel fans around the world can now turn Michel's travel pics into museum-quality masterpieces.

Travel Photography Prints and Image Licensing Rights are available to online buyers.

Michel is also the author of Nomadic Gatherings.

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Great Sphinx of Giza by Travel Pics


New York by Travel Pics


Soviet Railway Emblem by Travel Pics


Rajasthan by Travel Pics


Autumn in Baden Baden by Travel Pics


Japanese Girl by Travel Pics


Tea With The Queen by Travel Pics


Havana by Travel Pics


Samarkand, Uzbekistan by Travel Pics