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People Travel Photography

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People Travel Photography

People photos may be of celebrities or complete strangers, paparazzi pics or a form of documentary photography; where a street photographer tries to capture a visual moment and convey something of a person's story like a photojournalist.

Many photographers seem to think of travel photography as focusing on landscapes and buildings; maybe even playing around with a tripod to get everything looking just right.

But some of the best travel photography is of the people in the places we travel to; candid photos of the locals doing things, often in the street or place of work.

Good candid photography attempts to capture people acting naturally; blind to the camera, unaware of the photographer, and probably not looking directly in the lens.

Best of People Travel Photography

Pluie a Chartres Buddhist Nun Sifting Rice Tibetan refugee Maasai Dancers Baby in Peru Street Artist Fun at the Opera Street Singer in Milan Bombay Smile Jump for Joy Reefer Lady Manolito Long Necked Karen San Blas Native Nepalese Potter Alone

The People Travel Photography Contest is a part of the 2016 Travel Photographer of The Year Competition.

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