Enter The 2016 Travel Photographer End of Year 120 Points Bonanza

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Enter The 2016 Travel Photographer End of Year 120 Points Bonanza

Win one year's hosting for your travel photography by entering our end of year finale.

With 120 points on the table, anyone could still wrap this up.

To be in with a chance of winning you need to Read The Contest Rules, follow the brief correctly, and enter your best images that fit the instructions.

That's the easy part. Ignore the rules and your entries will meet the same fate.


How to Win Travel Photography Contests:

Start by Reading The Rules

I've run a number of travel photography contests and I can safely tell you that the easiest way not to win is to ignore the terms and conditions of entry.

The hardest part of judging travel photography contests has been deleting entries that do not comply with the rules; but it's getting easier.

So here goes.

How to Enter

The Brief is Simple.

If we were to put together a 2017 Fine Art America Travel Photography Calendar we would need the best travel photography to represent each month of the year.

That's where you come in.

You may submit up to ten images for consideration, but only one image per month.

The month must be in the title and there must be a description for the photograph relating to that month.

If you don't want to change titles and descriptions for images you have already uploaded (I don't blame you), I suggest you make new uploads of the image and add the appropriate title and description.

If you wish to enter ten different monthly images, you may want to put them all in a separate contest gallery.


10 points will be available for each month; making a total of 120 points (although any one photographer may only earn 100 points - obviously).

If more than one photograph is considered suitable for a particular month, the ten points for that month will be shared.

Submit your Best Photograph of Travel Photography for a Particular Month

* 1. Colour Travel Photography Only.

No Digital Art nor Paintings. No black and white, sepia nor digitally manipulated images.

* 2. Fine Art America watermarks should not overpower the image.

No other text nor copyright notices should appear on the photograph either. If you're worried about theft of images, don't put them online.

* 3. Photos need good descriptions and The Month MUST be in the title.

► Sponsored by the Top Travel Pics group on Fine Art America, entries that do not follow our submission guidelines will be deleted.

Images that are considered weak will also be removed from competition.

Enter Contest on Fine Art America.

Enter Contest on Pixels.

Contest Updates

Any contest updates will be added here.

2016 Travel Photography Contest - Keeping Score:
Leaders in the year-long challenge to be considered the best Travel Photographer on Fine Art America. Can you catch them?

Best Wishes For The Year Ahead.

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