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Daily Travel Photos - January 2016

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Daily Travel Photos - January 2016

With 2016 being a Leap Year uploading a daily travel photo would become something of a Project 366.

Although it was already January 2nd in Europe, I managed to upload the first photo before midnight on January 1st, Eastern United States time.

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From Russia With Love Cuba Calle in Havana Cuba Saint Petersburg, Russia Suzhou Canals, China Sydney Harbour Bridge Forbidden City, Beijing http://pics.travelnotes.org/featured/soviet-railway-emblem-travel-pics.html Piggy Went To Market Armenian Art in The Park Guilin Limestone Peaks Head Carrying in Mozambique Plaza de Ponchos - Otavalo, Ecuador Samarkand, Uzbekistan Hermitage Staircase Kota Bahru Indoor Market Skiing In Aspen, Colorado Lake Titicaca Reed Boats Stonehenge Tea In Tashkent Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Brunei Mosque Guatemala Markets and Volcanoes Bangkok Floating Market New Zealand Mt Cook Champagne Sunset in Darwin, Australia Boy Buddhist in Bodh Gaya Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

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