2017 Travel Photography Calendar Results

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The 2016 Travel Photographer of the Year contest came to a close with a challenge 'to put together a 2017 Fine Art America Travel Photography Calendar featuring the best travel photography to represent each month of the year'.

Entrants could submit up to ten images (only one per month) and 10 points would be awarded to each image of the month (original blog post).

If more than one image was selected for a particular month, the points would be shared.

Once the usual duds that didn't adhere to the rules were deleted, the real challenge started; to pick the winners.

January: (3 points each)

Salzburg in January
January - Salzburg, Austria by Shirley Mitchell.

 National Elk Refuge near Jackson Hole, Wyoming
January in Wyoming by Buddy Mays.

Denver Musicians in January
The Universal Language - Denver in January by Nikolyn McDonald.

February: (10 points)

Snow Geese Migration
Snow Geese - February Migration by Nikolyn McDonald.

March: (3 points each)

London Evening in March
March - London Shades of Evening by Shirley Mitchell.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
March in Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano by Buddy Mays.

Snow Geese Hunting in Nebraska
Hunter's Season - March by Nikolyn McDonald.

April: (10 points)

Luxemborg Gardens, Paris
April in Paris, Luxemborg Gardens, Paris by Buddy Mays.

May: (3 points each)

Yachts in Nafplio, Greece
May - Stormy Weather by Shirley Mitchell.

Moonrise in Florida Keys
May and a Moonrise, Florida Keys by Buddy Mays.

Quiver Trees in Namibia
Quiver Trees - May by Inge Johnsson.

June: (5 points each)

Montmartre, Paris in the rain
Rainy Day in June - Montmartre, Paris by Nikolyn McDonald.

Matterhorn, Switzerland
Morning Matterhorn on Grindjisee in June by Two Small Potatoes.

July: (10 points)

Curacao Houses
Colorful Houses of Curacao July by Adriana Zoon.

August: (10 points)

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, East Africa
August, Life Under an Acacia Tree by Buddy Mays.

September: (10 points)

Postbridge Clapper on Dartmoor
September - Historic Clapper Bridge by Shirley Mitchell.

October: (10 points)

Thistledown Farm pumpkins, Junction City, Oregon
Pumpkin Hunting, October by Two Small Potatoes.

November: (10 points)

Spinaker Tower and Portsmouth Harbour
November - Portsmouth Harbour by Shirley Mitchell.

December: (10 points)

Christmas tree ornament
December Snow People by Buddy Mays.

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