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2017 FAA-Pixels Travel Photographer of The Year

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2017 FAA-Pixels Travel Photographer of The Year

Best Travel Photography of 2017

Which 3 Travel Photos are you most proud of from your travels in 2017?

As always, the rules are simple.

► [Pictures must be taken in 2017]

1. Colour Travel Photography Only.

The images must be unaltered (no heavy processing) coloured photographs, illustrating the best of Travel and Tourism in 2017.

This means no black and white or sepia images, no paintings, and no 'digital artistic' evolutions.

We're looking for Travel Photographers, not masters of photo-editing software.

2. No Fine Art America watermarks.

No other added text or borders should appear on the photos either.

* 3. Photos need good titles and descriptions.

Being a member of Top Travel Pics is not a requirement but members may be featured in the group gallery and promoted on our Travel Photo Newsfeeds.

Sponsored by the Top Travel Pics group, entries that do not follow our submission guidelines will be deleted.

► Images that are considered weak will also be removed from competition.

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Our Travel Photography Contests are open to anyone with photos hosted on Fine Art America.

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